Elvis Presley - Blue Moon (1956)
(Recorded August 19, 1954)
Richard Rodgers / Lorenz Hart
from: ‘Elvis Presley” LP

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The Fall - Northeast London Polytechnic 1980 - pic by Martin Carter


"Let’s Go Crazy" by Prince and the Revolution

One of my students used the phrase “this thing called life” in an essay, so I immediately thought of this song. This Prince guy seems pretty cool; I may have to keep an eye on his career. See if he does anything noteworthy.

David Bowie & Marc Bolan, 1977.

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Michael Corleone

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ZZ Top - She Loves My Automobile (1979)
Billy Gibbons / Dusty Hill / Frank Beard
from: ”Deguello” LP

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The Killing Moon | Echo & The Bunnymen

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"Well, I suppose you have to try everything once, succour included, to get a complete picture of the resources of their planet. I lapsed down to the bottom of the ditch."

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British Sea Power - Waving Flags

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